Activities and advice for #AntiBullying Week 16-22 November 2020

Activities and advice for #AntiBullying Week 16-22 November 2020

Anti-Bullying Week Pack for Parents

Anti-Bullying Week Pack for ParentsParents and carers are a vital piece of the puzzle in tackling bullying as you guide and support your child through their school years. You’ll find lots of helpful information about bullying and cyber-bullying here on the Better lives, healthy futures website.

We’re also sharing this #AntiBullyingWeek tool developed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, the National Children’s Bureau, Kidscape and SafeToNet to help parents and carers learn more about bullying and #AntiBullyingWeek.

Written by Kidscape, the bullying prevention charity which provides a helpline for parents and carers, the downloadable booklet offers helpful activities to do with your child during #AntiBullyingWeek,together with information about bullying, conversation starters, guidance on when to step in and sources of advice and support all in one place.

Parents and carers can also get 60 days free access to the SafeToNet safeguarding app if you use the code ABW2020 when you sign up. The app helps kids deal with the issues and pressures related to living in a digital world and provides both parents and children with safety insights.

Watch videos and find out more about #AntiBullyingWeek at the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.