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You might find your child’s behaviour difficult to deal with, there can be lots of different reasons for this.
Health visitor and young family

They could be very tired or hungry. They may feel frustrated and cross but aren’t able to tell you how they’re feeling or they may be reacting to something that’s happened in the family or at home.

If you’re struggling it’s good to have someone to talk to so you don’t feel like you have to cope alone. If you’re worried about your health and how you’re coping you can get more advice using the information on this website or by speaking to a professional.

Children respond to positive praise so concentrate on behaviour you like from your child. When they do something nice or well be specific with them, telling them exactly what it is that they did well.

A young child won’t understand the idea of what being “naughty” is. It’s a very general word that won’t explain to a child what they’ve done that you don’t like. Children need to feel happy and confident about themselves growing up so try and make sure you talk about the behaviour you don’t like with them.

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Further information

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Better Start Bradford works with families to give children the best possible start in life in Bowling and Bakerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton through a range of innovative projects to support them through pregnancy and the earliest years of their children’s lives.