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Safety – crossing the road

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Everyone uses roads and road dangers impact everyone. All children need to know how to cross a road safely.
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Always set a good example when you cross the road. As you explain to your child how to cross safely, let them know what you are doing and why.

How to cross the road safely

It’s important to walk on a pavement but, if there is no pavement, to face the oncoming traffic. Hold your child’s hand and keep them on the side away from the traffic. Don’t let a child run ahead.

Use these five simple road safety rules to help your child gain an understanding of the dangers near traffic and learn how to cross safely

1 Find a safe place to cross the road – use a crossing or cross with the Lolly Pop person or, if there’s no crossing nearby, cross where you can see the traffic along the road and where road users can see you.

2 Stop and look around – stand a short distance back from the kerb, take time to look in both directions.

3 Look and listen for traffic – use your eyes and ears to look and listen for traffic, you often hear traffic coming before you can see it.

4 Do not cross until it is safe to do so – if you see traffic coming, let it pass by. Cross when there is a safe gap allowing you plenty of time to reach the other side of the road.

5 Look and listen while you cross – when it’s safe to cross, walk don’t run straight to the other side, keep looking and listening as you do so.

After some practice in basic road safety children will soon develop confidence. They will learn how to make safe decisions when crossing the road.

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Further information

The Highway Code for Children

Teaches young children the importance of crossing a road safely as well as providing all youngsters with a good understanding of road safety rules from an early age.

Road safety resources from ROSPA

The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents has lots of online road safety resources.