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Don’t forget the importance of safety which means seeing everything at your child’s level, giving them age appropriate toys, supervising them, removing dangers and items that could cause harm. Safety means looking at things at home, but also how to keep your baby as safe as possible whilst they are sleeping and out in the car.
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Children have an interest in lots of things. The unexpected can happen and what we think is safe might not be. Whether it’s things like fire safety, risks of choking, or risks of burns or scalds, prevention and awareness is always key.

As a new parent you will want to do the best for your baby.  Sometimes you may see advertisements, someone might tell you about a new product, or someone might give you a piece of equipment, or say ‘I did this and it was great’, but check it out – is it actually recommended? – and always follow the instructions.

Safety warnings are there for a reason. There are many hazards that can be avoided and there are steps that we can take to keep children and ourselves safe. There’s also learning from other people’s experiences, research and expert safety advice.

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Further information

Handle with care

Holding your baby close is something you’ll probably naturally want to do right from the start. But you may be a bit nervous to begin with. It’s important to understand that rough handling, especially shaking, can seriously injure your baby.

Button batteries

There are lots of things at home that can make our lives easier but they can be harmful to young children. Small button (or coin) batteries can be potentially lethal, so it’s important to keep them out of children’s reach, and to act fast if you think your child may have swallowed one. CAPT provides details on this and other child safety issues.

Home safety - advice, information and resources

RoSPA provides useful information on accident prevention in the home.

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