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Information for young adults looking for more support on how to take care of their body.
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Breast checking

It’s important to check your breasts regularly for any changes. This is so you can tell if there are any problems in your breasts. Any unusual changes to your breasts should be checked by your GP as soon as possible.

Your hormone levels fluctuate each month during your menstrual cycle, which causes changes in breast tissue. The best time to perform a breast exam is usually the week after your period ends, and you should do this every month. Find out more below:

How should I check my breasts?


Cervical screening

Cervical screening (also known as a smear test) checks the health of your cervix. The cervix is the opening to your womb from your vagina. It’s not a test for cancer, it’s a test to help prevent cancer. All women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 will be invited by letter from their GP for a smear test. Find out more below:

Cervical screening

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