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Updating our services

Updating our services

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From April 2023 our 0-19 Children’s Service will be changing its name to the Public Health Nursing Children’s Service. This is in line with the new updated service offer which starts in April 2023. The core purpose of the service remains the same, but we are developing it to better meet the needs of families across the district.

Families will have access to a wider range of healthcare professionals covering more skills, so that they can get care from the right specialist when they need it. Teams will work across smaller areas to build closer relationships with the parents, carers and young people they support, with more options for how people can access them. This includes improved digital support, such as online appointments and resources, as well as more opportunities to meet face-to-face in the community.

Health Visitors and School Nurses in the Public Health Nursing Children’s service will be leaders of the Healthy Child Programme, working hard to ensure that every child has a happy and healthy start to life. The new offer will strengthen how we work with other local services, including our connections to schools and the Family Hub network. It will also improve how we support families at core contacts from birth through to school and college, and how we share important health messages to reduce health inequalities across the district.

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