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Community Infant Feeding team

Age group:
Infant feeding support, including breastfeeding, responsive bottle feeding, expressing, and the parent infant relationship.
Our services


Local women breastfeeding togetherThe Community Infant Feeding team provides friendly, expert advice and guidance so you can make informed decisions about feeding your baby.

We offer positive support, non-judgmental care and respect the decisions you make.

We can help families whose babies are experiencing feeding problems or who require specific support.


We help with:
    • understanding your baby’s cues
    • checking the position and attachment of your baby when they’re breastfeeding – and support if your baby refuses your breast
    • understanding if your baby is getting enough milk and/or increasing the supply
    • your baby wanting lots of short feeds over a few hours
    • feeding your baby at night – including if your baby cries and is hard to soothe
    • sore nipples or other breast problems – such as overly full breasts, blocked ducts or Mastitis, including feeding your baby if your breast becomes swollen, hot and painful, or you have Thrush
    • mixed feeding support and responsive bottle feeding
    • understanding breast pumps and nipple shields
    • understanding your baby’s weight – we can signpost you to more help if necessary
    • understanding and managing an unsettled baby – including support with colic
    • introducing solid foods or weaning
    • going back to work and continuing to breastfeed.
Getting in touch

You may be referred to the Community Infant Feeding team by your midwife, health visitor or other professional. If you live in Tong, Royds, Wibsey, Queensbury, Calyton and Fairweather Green, Eccleshill, Windhill and Wrose there is extra support available. A member of the team will contact you a few days after your baby is born to offer support with feeding.


Text us using our Chat Health line: 07312 263233

You can also use our Community Infant Feeding Team Chat Health line to text a question at any time for a response from a member of our team in working hours.

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