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Chat Health – Community Infant Feeding team

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If you're breastfeeding and need support, just text our Community Infant feeding team on 07312 263233 for confidential NHS advice

The Breastfeeding Chat Health service connects you to the Community Infant Feeding team for:

  • confidential NHS advice via text
  • answers to you breastfeeding questions or concerns
  • details of your nearest support group or clinic

Chat Health is a secure service developed by the NHS for the NHS

It allows a user to send a text to the NHS’s secure network, which can then be viewed in confidence by a specific team – in this case, the Community Infant Feeding team.

How Chat Health works

If you require breastfeeding support, simply text our Chat Health number – 07312 263233 and leave a message. Chat Health confirms receipt of your message. A member of our Community Infant Feeding team responds and will chat with you via text, listening, asking questions and providing support in confidence.

Benefits of using Chat Health 

Using Chat Health is a quick and easy way to get advice.You can leave a text message asking for help at any time using your phone and receive a response in working hours, usually within 24 hours

The Community Infant Feeding team provides trusted, confidential NHS information and advice to support you with your breastfeeding questions and concerns and can direct you to local clinics or Breastfeed Together groups.

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