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The Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), also known as the 'Red Book', is given to parents or carers’ at a child’s birth to record their health and development.
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Based on the national Red Book it does have some local changes and information. This is regularly reviewed so you might see changes in the books between your children. The book is for you to write in as well as professionals. At the back of the book there’s space for you to record their developmental firsts for example when they first smile.

The book contains a record of your child’s injections (immunisations and vaccinations). It is important that you have a record of these, and you should take this book to any appointments for these injections.

There are growth charts in the Red Book to help see how your baby is growing.  Having this with you when you see the health visiting team, go to baby clinic or attend other appointments, means that you can keep an accurate record of your baby’s weight.

The book contains lots of useful health information and links to helpful websites.

It’s important that you keep the book safe and bring it with you to appointments when you can. Different people will write in the book, for example when your child has their hearing test when they’re born and the GP when they have a baby check at six to eight weeks old.

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Further information

Fact sheet for parents

Some of our clinics offer self-weighing facilities where you can weight your baby yourself. However, there will always be staff at the clinic if you have any questions or worries. This link gives lots of information about having your baby weighed and growth charts.

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